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One of Hitman 3’s levels requires you to solve a murder mystery. If you need some help solving the Dartmoor Mystery, here's a full guide on how to complete the mission.

What You Need to Start

To get your inner Sherlock Holmes on in Hitman 3, you’ll need to get yourself a disguise to investigate the murder of Zachary Carlisle.

To find your disguise, you’ll have to kill the actual detective who’s come to investigate the grounds of the Carlisle estate.

Do yourself a favor and hide the body to ensure you don’t alert the family to something being wrong. You can hide bodies in bushes, in containers, or even drag the body out to the lake and dump it, the choice is yours.

hitman 3 video game screenshot


Once you’ve acquired your disguise, make your way into the estate, being careful not to do anything that would arouse suspicion.

Speak to the butler to get some behind the scenes information and direction to the crime scene itself in Zachary’s bedroom. In the bedroom, there are six clues you’ll need to find.

1: Zachary’s body. You can use your camera to scan his body which is found in his bed.

2: Whiskey glass and bottle, use your camera to scan these on the table to the right of Zachary’s body.

3: A suicide note on a table in front of the fireplace in the room.

4: Zachary’s laptop on the desk to the left of the fireplace.

5: A secret room accessible once you pull on a specific book from the bookshelf next to the large mirror.

6: The floor plan of the mansion, found inside the secret room.

hitman 3 video game screenshot

Once you’ve collected all of the clues from the crime scene, speak to the butler again and he’ll give you the names of the family members you need to question: Gregory, Edward, Emma, Rebecca, and Patrick.

Gregory, Emma, and Rebecca can all be found on the first floor of the mansion in the sitting room. Rebecca wanders through the mansion but after enough time she’ll come back to the first floor.

Patrick can be found in the trophy room or the library, when looking for Patrick in the trophy room, scan the documents on the table.

Edward is in the dining room. When speaking to Edward, scan the paper he was writing on with your phone to gain another clue. After speaking to Gregory, be sure to scan the portrait next to the windows and also the footprints on the floor.

 hitman 3 video game screenshot

After being questioned, each family member will give you an alibi that you can confirm by searching their rooms. If you’ve spoken to the butler, finding each person’s room except Patrick’s will be easy because the butler gave you their locations.

Patrick doesn’t have a room, but his alibi can be confirmed by a crying maid in the staff room. Another room that you need to search is the butler’s office two doors down from the staff room with the crying maid.

The office will be locked at first, but you can steel a crowbar from the kitchen and open it. In the room, you’ll find Zachary’s half-burnt diary at the back of the fireplace in the office, a list on the top of the desk, and pills on the window sill.

You’ll notice that the handwriting on the diary doesn’t match the suicide note. At this point, if you want to frame the butler for the murder, you can. If not, grab the master key to the mansion from the shelves near the fireplace and keep searching.

hitman 3 video game screenshot

If you have the master key, opening each person’s room will be easy. Otherwise you’ll need to sleuth around the outside of the building and search for ways in.

Gregory and Emma’s room will have four clues to find. A letter on the table to the right of the bed, a keychain stuck in between suitcases next to the fireplace, a cane sitting to the right of the fireplace, and the shoes to the left of the fireplace.

Check Rebecca’s room to find a notebook by the fireplace and her laptop on a table in the middle of the room that’ll verify her alibi. You can also find a secret passage behind the picture of a dog that will lead to another office.

hitman 3 video game screenshot

Finally, venture to the greenhouse at the northern edge of the mansion. To get in you’ll either need a lock pick or the crowbar from the kitchen.

Once inside, you’ll be able to question Emma and find clues. You’ll find lab equipment on a bench and a table showing the amount of poison necessary to kill someone on that bench.

Once you’ve gathered all of the clues and scanned them with your phone, report back to the butler and tell him you’re ready to wrap up the investigation.

At that point, you’ll either be able to tell the truth and say Emma poisoned Zachary, blame the butler, or claim that Zachary committed suicide.

Regardless of which you choose, make sure to ask for the case file as your reward for your hard work.