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According to IGN, the game WILL meet the December 10th deadline as previously promised.

Since that kind of obviates the rest of this post, here's a video you can watch instead. Sorry!

Since this week is chock full of too much good gaming news—new console releases, great new games, and the start of the new seasonal depression—CD Projekt Red may be letting slip some bad news about Cyberpunk 2077.

According to a supposedly vetted source of gaming leaks, Cyberpunk 2077 may not be coming out until 2021. This would be significantly past its most recent delay that put it at December 10th.

This rumor hasn't been substantiated by anyone at CDPR. But taken in conjunction with the company's investor call last month, where their CEO Adam Kicinski said they felt "maybe not comfortable [chuckle], but confident and will are releasing on the 10th," there's plenty of room for doubt.

Others are sharing their own details to fill in the gaps and determine whether another delay is imminent.

For a game that was supposed to have been in our hands months ago, these repeated delays aren't surprising or painful. They don't even really feel like anything anymore.

If Cyberpunk 2077 is ever released, we'll be so numb inside it won't matter at that point, but we'll still buy it just out of habit.

Nevertheless, people hope for a brighter tomorrow. What fools.

I hope not. this means they will just crunch even more. I hope they find a way to delay the game while working REASONABLE HOURS. employee working conditions are more important than a sweaty gamer testing out his RTX 3090. we can all gladly wait 6 months if it means no crunch.

Then it has a shot at GOTY. GOTY 2020 is animal crossing.