Dark Souls 3 praise the sun.

Most people who have played Dark Souls 3 have never beaten the game. As much as I'm a fan, I can't blame them; Souls games are utterly soul-destroying, the sort of thing that makes you question life and why you bother playing video games.

And while I'm proud of the fact that I've beaten each game, my self-esteem was shot this morning when a speedrunner posted his latest record-breaking run. It's no ordinary feat, this guy has completely crushed every pre-existing record, and it's all documented on camera.

His name is Nemz38, and he's apparently a big deal in the Dark Souls community. His new record doesn't just entail the quickest playthrough in history at 35:09, but every other record that has been worth documenting within the domain of Souls. Things like All Bosses completion time and more are now under his name, pushing everyone else out of the way like a snow plow.

The records are as follows:

Any% - 35:09
Any% No Teardrop - 42:09
Any% Current Patch - 1:21:12
Boss Rush - 24:28
All Bosses - 1:36:46
All Bosses No Major Skips - 1:25:37
All Bosses SL1 - 1:36:46
100% Completion - 12:37:54

As much as the 35 minute completion blows my mind, the fact that he unlocked all of the game's achievements in under 13 hours is physics-defying. Hell, I've played the game for over 60 hours and I don't even have half the achievements unlocked, and most of that was spent completing the game, something he was able to do in nearly half an hour. Come on.

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If you're the kind of person who appreciates speed runs, or at least have been able to stick around to read to this point, definitely check out his record game footage in the video below.

Also, be sure to check out this clip of a guy claiming a world record in GoldenEye 007 that was previously unbroken for over 15 years.