Deathloop -  Voice actor Jason Kelly can't play his new game on account he can't find a PS5 to purchase

Jason Kelley, the voice behind Colt from Arkane Studio's new game Deathloop apparently can't play his new game on account he doesn't have a PS5. 

In a promotional clip posted to Deathloop's Twitter page, Kelley encourages people to go out and purchase the game and adds, "if anybody can get me a copy, and a PlayStation 5 I'd appreciate it."

Well, isn't that interesting. He's just like the rest of us. 

Now that's just sad. But we assume someone with connections to Sony will send him a package in the coming days. But when the star of the newest PS5 exclusive (until it releases on GamePass September 2022) can't even get his hands on your console, you should be embarrassed.