Diablo immortal - streamer

The "Diablo" streamer jtisallbusiness has spent around $100K on Diablo Immortal according to the game’s developer Blizzard. However, with the resulting perks from such exorbitant spending, jtisallbusiness’s matchmaking record is now so high that he can no longer get a “battleground.”

After his requests for help on forums were met only with Bizzard stating they were, “aware of the issue,” the situation has gotten so bad that jtisallbusiness is debating using legal help to assist in bagging a refund for his spending. He admits however that he is not optimistic of the problem being solved, as it is an issue unique only to him, and the game still has other bugs it needs to work out in the meantime that affect more players.

Blizzard boss Mike Ybarra has stated that he supports the game’s microtransaction system, as it allows the vast majority of players to complete the game without spending any more money. In the meantime, perhaps jtisallbusiness should think more carefully about what he’s spending his money on. After all, he might just get exactly what he purchased. 

Diablo immortal - 100k