Everyone has their limit for violence, and for Elon Musk, that’s shooting one of the Boys in Blue.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Grand Theft Auto in the works. Grand Theft Auto is a video game that involves not only the titular crime but also, you’re not going to believe this, killing people. Not only that, but some of the people you have to kill (in addition to the many you run over) are police officers. Oh, the humanity!

While some can stomach murdering digital people in cold blood, Elon Musk cannot. Well, he can, but only when they’re not cops.

In a recent tweet, Musk recounted his negative experience with GTA V. According to him, he just couldn’t get into a game named after a crime because he “didn’t like doing crime.” Plus, “GTA5 required shooting police officers in the opening scene. Just couldn’t do it.”

Now, we don’t need to get into the crimes that Elon Musk has actually (allegedly) committed in the real world. Instead, we’re just going to focus on the replies — which were a real losers’ row of people who either genuinely agreed with Musk or were utilizing any opportunity to fellate Mr. Space.

Thankfully, many users also (rightfully) clowned the billionaire for being scared to pull the virtual trigger on some digital cops, especially given that many of his favorite games involve killing people.

Personally, if I were trying to roast Musk for a video game take, I would just keep bringing up that he’s such a sore loser that Grimes betraying him in Polytopia — a strategy game that describes itself as “cute” — led to “one of [the couple’s] biggest fights ever,” and that he was so bitter about it that he didn’t speak to the mother of his children for an entire day.

But hey, at least he didn’t kill any fake cops!