Showing people your new significant other for the first time is always a big step in a relationship, and doing so in a manner that makes you seem comfortable in that relationship is important. 

The YouTuber and Twitch Streamer TommyInnit did the exact opposite for his 'girlfriend reveal' YouTube video. After bringing her on camera with a plastic bag over her head, which is extremely dangerous on its own, he commanded her to "speak." After removing the bag, he claimed that "I made you," and brought up incest. 

"Why does she look like she’d rather be anywhere else than on camera," @cosmic_oro commented. 

"Run girl!" @fernofry said. 

TommyInnit is not known for his slick operation, as evidenced by a time he failed to collect stream donations for four years, but even this was bad by his standards. 

"Minecraft content creators don't make me physically cringe every 2 seconds challenge," @inhuman commented.

"I have to know how the ‘we’re gonna start with a grocery bag on your head’ conversation went before they started filming," @herleorr said. 

I'd like to know that too. But hopefully, her willingness to go through with his introduction means that they have the commitment to make this work.