I have no idea what a speedrun is or what the hell Minecraft does, but I know there is some popular YouTuber named Dream who recently admitted to cheating when he set a Minecraft speedrun world record last year. 

At the time, the mods who manage the speedrun wiki posted evidence that Dream's run was extremely lucky. Apparently, Minecraft speedrunners rely on item drops to help complete the game as fast a possible. And Dream's stream apparently had a drop rate of essential items that were 1 in 177 Billion. Essentially they accused him of cheating, which at the time he denied. 

Now, almost a year and many million subscribers later, Dream is too big to fail, so he has come clean and tried to distance himself from the whole incident. 

The video that Dream refers to in the above Tweet. A 25-minute examination into the 'biggest cheating scandal in speedrunning history'. 

In conclusion, Dream has finally been overcome with enough guilt to admit the truth. And mostly I just feel bad for kids today who for the most part are on the wrong side of a parasitic relationship, one they think is mutually beneficial to them and their favorite creators.