If you haven't heard of the legend of Let Me Solo Her, gather around because we have a story to tell. Elden Ring is without a doubt the world's hottest video game, and if you haven't been playing, then we feel bad for you. And if you have been playing, we still feel bad for you, just for different reasons. 

Elden Ring is no walk in the park. If you've ever played a FromSoft game you know this. And in recent days a single player has taken the video game world by storm, a faceless, and nameless figure who goes by the moniker Let Me Solo Her. 

For those not in the know, Elden Ring has a co-op feature where players can summon each other into their games when they face challenges too great for their own abilities. And Let Me Solo Her has been providing a much-needed service to the Elden Ring community. The player has left his summoning sign outside the Melania boss fight and has been defeating her single-handedly for needing players. 

This feat isn't just incredibly hard, it's incredibly cool. Malenia is one of the game's hardest bosses, and this madman has been taking her down with nothing but a pot on his head and two katanas in his hands. No armor, no spirit ashes, just great timing and hours of practice. 

The legend of his name spread pretty quickly online, as he helped multiple players get past Melania. IGN was able to get an interview with the person behind the screen, confirming that LMSH has helped over 300 players defeat Malenia. 

LMSH told IGN it took him 242 tries to beat Malenia on his own, and that afterward he felt called to help others overcome the task. And the reaction from the community has been astonishing. Fans have been drawing pictures, making memes, and even making statues in tribute to this legend. 

The story originally went viral after it was posted to the Edlen Ring subreddit, which can be seen below, where the OP says "I definitely didn't kill Malenia, but either way, she is dead." 

For years Souls diehards have been dubbed "elitest gamers" who judge and look down on people who can't 'get gud'. So let, LMSH be a reminder that the Souls community is about more than just taking abuse, it's about dishing it out too.