fall guys season two knight fever video game

Season two of Fall Guys is upon us, and it's got a couple surprises worth checking out.

The new season is called Knight Fever and is set in a medieval universe with new characters and obstacles to match.

You'll now be able to randomize your costume (something players have been suggesting for a while now on the Fall Guys Discord server). Additionally, there's a new obstacle to watch out for called Thicc Bonkus.

Thicc Bonkus is a spiked menace whose sole aim is to knock you off your feet and course and cause irreparable harm to your Jelly Bean.

Much like Big Yeetus—a hammer that was a late addition to season one—if you miscalculate your jump, your bonkus will be thicc’d.

They’ve also recently "leaked" four new costume designs: a Jelly Bean Ogre, Knight/Paladin, Jester, and Princess.

fall guys season two knight fever video game

On top of that, players will have the option to choose among a list of colorful banners and nicknames to add to their player info.

However, the nicknames are all really tame stuff like Boaty McBoatface, so nothing too spicy there. 

If you're really looking for an adult version of Fall Guys, try watching some old Jackass videos instead.