The world is quickly becoming a tweet your own adventure book and with the success of #releasethesnydercut having proven the viability of fan-focused social media campaigns, people have begun championing for Ryan Reynolds to appear in the new Mortal Kombat. 

Now, whether this will happen or not, it really is 50/50 at this point. Ryan Reynolds is sort of the go-to guy who is both loved by social media and the top heads at studios like Warner Bros. so ruling out this casting is short sited. 

Oh yeah, if you hadn't already heard, Warner Bros. is making at least two more Mortal Kombat movies, which you'd know if you saw Mortal Kombat, which you probably do and did. Ahh, is that some you want to see? Mortal Kombat for the next four years? 

Well, it's happening so all you can do is try and enjoy the films. It would make sense for Reynold to join the project. He's a decent on-screen talent, and he would bring some much-needed comedy chops to the film, you know since Kano won't be in the second movie.  (ops spoilers) 

So let us know what you think. Is Reynolds a good cast for the role?