Finn Wolfhard has been a confirmed addition to YouTuber Matt Watson's EpicsSMP Minecraft server.

Finn Wolfhard, known for his roles in 'Stranger Things' and 'It', has shocked his fans by joining popular YouTuber Matt Watson's new EpicSMP Minecraft server. 

The fan account, Finn Wolfhard updates on Twitter shared a tweet by Watson, confirming Finn had joined the EpicSMP a few days ago. Apparently, the server's first stream will take place this Saturday, Jan 16 at 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST on Twitch

At the moment it's not confirmed if Finn Wolfhard will be in attendance for the first stream, but many fans have already expressed their excitement online. 

Matt Watson is a man of many trades. He's a YouTuber, streamer, singer-songwriter, and actor. Some fans were surprised that he and Finn knew each other, not knowing the two have been close for years. Finn once appeared on SuperMega, a channel Watson runs with his pal Ryan Magee.

As we said, it currently has not been confirmed if Finn will appear on this Saturday's stream, but fans can expect him to make an appearance in the future. So if you're still holding out hope of seeing Finn, Karl, and Quackcity, together in the EpicSMP, don't let go.