Do you have a struggling relationship? Why try marriage counseling when you could tap Peter Griffin for help?

On Sunday, Redditor u/VariousBarnacle8618 proved the video game rendition of Quahog’s finest is good for more than just recreating every single Family Guy chicken fight, crediting the character with singlehandedly salvaging their parents’ marriage.

“My parents are divorced, and yesterday they were arguing at my dad’s house about whom I would be with next week,” they began their now viral — and deleted — r/Fortnite post. “This stuff usually happens a lot, so I drown it out by playing Fortnite in the living room.”

Yet several moments into his game, u//VariousBarnacle8618’s dad made an astute observation — the adult cartoon icons getting in on the fun.

“‘Is that Peter Griffin in your game?’” the Redditor recalled their dad asking, a discovery his parents both apparently found very amusing.

“My mom started bursting out laughing and they both made fun of the way he looked because he’s not fat in Fortnite,” they continued. Their parents ended up bonding so much over Peter Griffin’s silly appearance that the pair began to “lighten up” their initial discussion.

“My dad just said my mom can have me Sunday night,” u//VariousBarnacle8618 concluded. “I just heard that mom’s coming over to watch the Super Bowl with me and my dad too. It’s so weird that they’re acting nicely with each other, but it’s good.”

Though it’s unclear whether this bliss will last beyond the big game, there’s a lesson to be learned here: Peter Griffin isn’t the family guy for nothing.