Even though Fortnite came out back in 2017, the developers are still finding ways to try to keep things interesting. For example, they recently removed some items from the game while releasing two new ones: the Enforcer AR and something called Flowberry Fizz.

According to GameRant, “The Enforcer AR is a high-damage, low fire-rate automatic assault rifle that is intended for medium and long-range use, and comes in all rarities.” Sounds pretty cool, huh? If that’s what the Enforcer AR is like, I can’t wait to see what the Flowberry Fizz looks like!

Oh. I’m sorry I asked.

Before we get to the obvious, I suppose we should cover what it actually does. Per GameRant, “Flowberry Fizz is a new shield item that can be used in multiple ways. The user can either apply it to themselves to give them up to 100 shields, or spray it on a teammate to do the same. Flowberry Fizz also gives the recipient a low-gravity effect, allowing them to jump higher and further for a limited time.”

But while the Flowberry Fizz does appear to be a strong, valuable item, actually deploying it involves an animation that looks a little too much like a teenage boy who’s been left home alone.

So next time you’re playing Fortnite and need a little help, just ask one of your boys to Fizz on you. I’m sure they’ll know exactly what you mean.