Fortnite rocket world record.

We've seen some crazy things in Fortnite during the past few months, most notably a clip of Twitch streamer Sacriel riding a pumpkin rocket before killing a guy midair with his sniper rifle. We thought that was the craziest thing that could ever be done in the game, but boy were we wrong. 

Building off the idea that you can "fly" in Fortnite, YouTuber NoahJ456 decided to try and set a world record this week by flying across the entire Fortnite map. And no, we don't mean while in the Battle Bus. We're talking riding rockets hundreds of feet into the air, the dangerous kind that are meant to blow you to smithereens.

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The idea sounds absolutely insane--and it is--but the fact of the matter is if you have enough rockets and patience, you can fly yourself across the map like nobody's business. And after a couple hours of trying, NoahJ456 managed to accomplish his goal.

See for yourself:

As seen in the video, NoahJ456 was able to fly from Junk Junction to Moisty Mire, the farthest point-to-point journey on the map. Amazing.

In most cases this isn't feasible, namely because rocket launchers are a rare find in Fortnite, as are the rockets that you use to fly around like you're on a magic carpet. However, in the right situation this could be outright ridiculous once the containment circle is small and players are forced to fight one another in a tiny area. Simply fly around in circles and watch everyone below shoot each other before swooping in for the W.