Shroud Twitch highlight PUBG.

Dying in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a tough pill to swallow given that it effectively erases more than 15 minutes of hard work.

So when Miles_Finch was killed during a recent Twitch livestream, he could be heard nearly losing his s*** on the microphone. But then he realized that the player who just landed the jumping headshot on him was none other than 'shroud', one of the top 10 most popular Twitch streamers, and an ex-professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player.

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His tune quickly changed once it dawned on him that he was lucky enough to be killed on a livestream with more than 15,000 people watching, resulting in one of the most popular gaming highlights of the week. Check it out:

PUBG recently lost a massive amount of popularity to Fortnite, which has risen to become the unchallenged top game on Twitch. You can watch us play Fortnite and more on eBaum's World official livestream channel.