God of War PS4 art.

God of War has nearly arrived, and the hype has never been greater. Recent pre-release footage has driven incredible excitement for the game as it nears its April 20th release.

A lot of discussion has been aimed at the series' new style, which veers into action RPG territory. Many have wondered how long the game will require to finish, and on that note new information gives us an idea of how much play value we can expect.

Game director Cory Balrog told Kinda Funny Games that one employee at the company beat the game in 43 hours. He said:

One of the systems designers just did his full playthrough to get 100 percent. So that's literally doing every single thing in the entire game, and he played 43 hours. 43 hours and he knows what to do. He [worked on] a lot of the exploration content and the engagement outside of the core story. So he had not seen a lot of the core story stuff, that part was new to him, so that took a little bit. But everything else, that's pretty impressive considering he knew what to do..

Previous God of War games have been around the 10 to 15 hour mark, so if true that would make this by far the most substantially long game in series' history.

Details about the game have suggested it will have a large world with a wealth of content. Even if the game happens to be a bit shorter than the above quote suggests, it's fair for the average player to expect at least 30 hours.