SpaceX Falcon Heavy in Kerbal Space Program game.

When SpaceX successfully launched a car into outer space earlier in the week, it signaled more than just a milestone for the company. People around the world are enthusiastic about space exploration in a way we haven't seen since film scientist Tom Hanks tried to fly to the Moon.

While most of us are simply busy talking about the mission and checking out sick memes, YouTuber Matt Lowne decided to take things a step further. He engineered a Falcon Heavy of his own in Kerbal Space Program, built to similar specifications as SpaceX's legendary rocket.

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This includes two-stage design with a core and two boosters, along with a vehicle payload that'll float in heliocentric orbit across Mars' path for the next billion years--or as long as his PC is running.

The presentation of the custom mission isn't exactly perfect; you'll notice that the boosters land in open fields instead of landing pads and a sea barge. They also fall over like Cattle since they aren't equipped with retractable landing gears. But the mechanical complexity is still there, and the fact he pulled it off within a couple days is impressive, nonetheless.

Check it out:

Take Two announced this week that Kerbal Space Program will receive its first expansion on March 13th. It's called Making History and it'll be all about recreating real-world inspired missions, along with a new set of tools.