What would you do to meet your idol? If you answered ‘repeatedly get their name tattooed on yourself in an ink game of virtual chicken until they are forced to meet you,’ then you’re probably the TikToker RichFlows. For RichFlow, that means 36 FaZe Rug tattoos, and 8 Mr. Beast tattoos and counting.

RichFlows has 45 thousand followers, but that number was far lower when he first started getting FaZe Rug tattoos in December of 2021. Rug is the co-owner of FaZe Clan and a YouTuber with 23 million subscribers. After just 8 months of trying, Rich accomplished his goal and got to meet FaZe Rug in July of 2022, where Rug gifted him a vacation to Japan.

@richflows shoutout @rug for making dreams into reality #fyp #fy #tattotok ♬ Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral - WZ Beat

Rich is at it again, this time with the most subscribed YouTuber of all time; Mr. Beast.

“I’m doing this series just because I want to give back to Mr. Beast. I don’t have to meet him,” he said. “I want to show Jimmy just how much he has impacted the community.”

@richflows tag @mrbeast #fypシ #fy #mrbeast ♬ Attack of the Killer Beast (Phonk) [ORIGINAL] - SXCREDMANE

That was back in March, and Mr. Beast has yet to acknowledge the stunt. But that doesn’t mean Rich won’t stop trying.

@richflows comment for @mrbeast like for @rug ♬ Goofy Ahh Beat - Obma

“Me personally if I were either FaZe Rug or Mr. Beast and eventually found out about this guy,” @dulcetbunnie commented, “I’d completely ignore it just to see how far he’d go.”

Well, now it’s up to Mr. Beast whether or not we get to see what that looks like.