halo infinite warthog glitch

A hilarious new Halo Infinite glitch has been doing the rounds: the Baby Warthog Glitch.

As the name suggests, the Baby Warthog Glitch produces miniaturized versions of the iconic Warthog vehicle. Sometimes hopping aboard fixes the glitch, while other times the tiny Warthog maintains its fun-size proportions even with multiple players hopping aboard -- resulting in something of a hilarious clown-mobile amid the high-octane PvP violence of Halo Infinite multiplayer. 

There's no clear way to reproduce the glitch or predict when it might show up, so players looking to take the baby warthog for a spin will have to remain content with rolling the dice whenever they log in to Halo Infinite Multiplayer. 

343 Industries has yet to acknowledge the Baby Warthog Glitch, but many players are hoping the developer takes their sweet time to patch the fun and seemingly harmless oddity that only seems to rear its head at complete random. 

Here's to funny glitches and a resurging franchise that most agree captures much of the original Halo -- even if it's battle pass needs some serious tweaking.