One Boston Red Sox fan decided to put the team’s newly-renovated jumbotron to good use during the MLB off-season, adopting Fenway Park’s massive center field video board as their own personal TV for a round of Fortnite.

On Thursday, Jake Roy, a writer for SB Nation’s Red Sox news site Over The Monster, headed to Twitter with some breaking news stemming from the iconic stadium.

“I hate to be a snitch, but someone is playing Fortnite in Fenway right now,” he captioned his now-viral clip, depicting the giant screen aglow with the popular battle royale game.

Though it remains unclear who, exactly, decided to turn Fenway park into their own personal gaming console — several have speculated a rogue employee may be behind the stunt — fans headed to Twitter to share their admiration and confusion for the person behind the stunt .

“It’s not illegal to do this,” wrote one commenter, while another focused on the logistics of pulling off such a feat.

“Input delay nightmare on a screen that big,” they wrote.

We can only hope that this player’s game went as well as the team’s last season … lest they face the wrath of John Henry … and the entire city of Boston.