Since launching back in January, Kick has emerged as a legitimate contender to Twitch’s streaming supremacy, using eye-popping, eight-figure deals to land streaming giants xQc and Amouranth.

Yet streamer Pokimaine, likely won’t be counted among Kick’s converts, the star slamming the controversial platform, which sparked backlash for view-botting problems and allegedly permitting racist usernames, in a recent livestream.

“Nope. and it’s not because I’ve got like $10 million,” she said after a fan questioned whether she’d make the switch for a $10 million sum.

“It’s just because I am good as I am. Why would I compromise my morals and ethics for more money when I have money? Something about that is so cringe to me personally,” she continued.

Though Pokimaine expressed her support for other smaller creators who made different decisions surrounding their streaming home – “Like I understand you know, if you need to make money,” she quipped – the social media star reiterated how her morality would keep her firmly planted on the Twitch.

“For me to do cringe shit when I have money, I can’t. Like, ew,” she said, denouncing the prospects of switching as “almost embarrassing.”