The Twitch streamer Adin Ross was encouraged by his chat to look up the meaning of the word "fascism," a term he was somehow unfamiliar with. What followed was an encapsulation of the failures of the modern American education system, and the breakdown of society. 

During his Google search, Ross's lack of reading comprehension was rivaled only by his ineptitude for phonetic pronunciation, as he proceeded to butcher every single term and name he came across. It wasn't until he read the admittedly easy and recognizable words "Hitler" and "Nazi" that he panicked and accused the chat of setting him up. People were understandably less than impressed. 

His reaction to learning about a must know term was similar to that of someone opening up a prank link, or getting Rick Rolled. If Hitler had a name like Mussolini, perhaps people wouldn't even know who he was. Or should I say, 'Benito Mazuli.' 

This guy is a 20 year old millionaire with an online following also in the seven-figures, who unabashedly supports multiple problematic political and societal figures without understanding their underlying issues. Is there anything more American?