Participating in a jury is your duty as a citizen. Then again, it’s also pretty annoying — jurors have long days for little pay, their schedules are wholly disrupted, and while some trials may be interesting, you’re more likely to be assigned a minor dispute than anything that will ever make an appearance on a true-crime podcast.

As a result, many will try to avoid jury duty however possible. But getting out of jury duty isn’t as easy as flipping the bird and walking out — if you’re serious about not taking jury duty seriously, you’ve gotta innovate. For example, there was that one woman who tried to get out of jury duty by saying she had COVID then blowing on the clerk’s face. Another guy tried to bail by saying he got his news from TikTok (that might work better than the COVID thing, honestly).

Recently, Twitch streamer FaZe Kalei was called for jury duty — and in the process, inadvertently revealed a new way to get out of having to serve. As it turns out, her job title alone was enough to get her excused.

According to Kalei, she wasn’t even trying to get out of jury duty — just answering the group’s questions about her career was enough to bid her adieu.

Twitter users were quick to make jokes about the situation.

Others offered reasons as to why being a Twitch streamer could immediately disqualify someone.

So if you’re looking to get out of jury duty, just say you’re big on Twitch. You’ll be back home in no time.