Cheater justice slap.

If you've ever played a game against a cheater, then undoubtedly you know exactly what it's like to want to punch someone in the throat. Cheaters trivialize the integrity of the game, and more importantly they make our blood boil.

Cheating is particularly common in gaming where newbs turn to things like wallhacking and aimbotting to make up for their lack of skill and work ethic.

In the case of this video, the culprit used speed hacking to move around quicker. Of course, being that he was a cheater, he wasn't smart enough to do it on his own computer, and instead cheated at a Chinese LAN center where guys twice his size could crush him like grape.

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While he doesn't get crushed in this video, he does get slapped hard enough that it sounds like a bolt of lightning just struck a redwood tree causing it to collapse onto a four lane freeway.

"Are you not smart?", the guy says to the cheater after smacking him. "Is it fun, ah?", he continues.

I get the feeling this cheater never cheated against at this LAN center, or at least not when Mr. "What Did the Five Fingers Say to the Face" was around.

The game they were playing is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which is the most popular game in the w orld right now. You can watch an amazing long-distance sniper shot in the game here, or watch a car roll down a hill and crush a player here.