Overall, technology has made our lives a lot easier. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in an age where you have to draw your water from a well, or wash your clothes in a river. 

But that's not to say that what we have is perfect. Case in point: logging into websites.

I mean, it should be simple; enter your e-mail (which you should know unless you have dementia) and the password you personally set a few months ago. But it's never that easy, especially since you have to solve a damn puzzle every time you click the 'Sign In' button. Am I here to access your store or to graduate college? At this point I can't tell.

We've all seen the CAPTCHAs where the word is completely unreadable, like this:


But the insane asylum picture puzzles they have on the Sony PlayStation website are on a whole different level. We're talking logic decryption, reverse psychology, and all kinds of other mind ****s that only exist to give you a brain aneurysm.

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YouTuber NellyGotBored explained how painful this is in his latest video which shows him trying to log-in on the god forsaken website. All he wanted to do was buy a game. Instead, he got more than a dozen error codes and a good reason to go spend his money somewhere else.

It's just like Dark Souls.