As we've learned in pre-release reviews, the Xbox One X is quite the monster. With a 6 TFLOP capable GPU and 12GB of GDDR5 memory, it isn't only by far the most powerful console ever made, it gives PC gaming a run for its money.

But Microsoft is in a tough place of pushing the device. Not a whole lot of people are willing to fork out $499 for a console, let alone for one that has fallen dramatically behind in the software race.

Thankfully, Microsoft has a secret weapon: Insects.

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Insects is a tech demo built specifically to showcase what sort of graphics technology the Xbox One X is capable of rendering. Using it you can watch virtual ladybugs fly around enjoying pollen as if you've been transported into "Honey I Shrunk the Kids".

The catch is that it can only be played on an Xbox One, meaning you'd need an original Xbox One or Xbox One S in order to experience it. Alternatively, you could watch the demo on YouTube, seen below. Note that the video and demo are intended to be seen in 4K.

The Xbox One X releases tomorrow and is considered Microsoft's big weapon for this holiday season.