Silent Hills P.T. hallways with Lisa.

When Konami pulled the plug on Silent Hills' development, not only was it a deathknell for the company's AAA future, but also a tragic turn of events for an already struggling horror genre.

Thankfully, we do have P.T., a free demo that was intended to serve as a proof of concept for the game. More than that, it demonstrated that there's plenty of room for developers to destroy our mental health.

The problem is that P.T. is no longer publicly available, so the only people that can play it are those who added it to their PlayStation account back in 2014. God forbid your PS4 dies and you lose the software—it's no longer downloadable. In a way it's a gaming relic.

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Knowing this, an indie game developer by the name of SmoggyChips is busy putting together a replica of P.T. called Corridors. While at the moment it's limited to the L-shaped hallways that scared the **** out of everyone four years ago, it's impressively accurate, down to the creepy portraits on the dressers and ominous atmosphere.

Here's an overview of what the game looks like currently:

This recreation is for PC, so technically speaking the final product will be capable of far greater things than the PS4-limited demo.

An alpha build of the project is downloadable here.