On today’s installment of gamers singlehandedly proving that esports are very much real sports, TikToker Eddie Esguerra, better known by his username @ncrrifleman, has ventured where only Lara Croft and Clint Eastwood have gone before – skyrocketing to viral fame for flaunting his dual-wielding Time Crisis chops.

Over the past several years, Esguerra has ebbed and flowed in and out of the digital spotlight for his Eastwood-ian approach to gaming. Since the late 20-teens, clips of his gunned-up style have periodically made the rounds on the internet, a testament to his evident passion and skill at the game franchise, one that he said emerged during a family vacation to Las Vegas when he was roughly five years old.

@pappmfjohnson ? Jason Bourne Theme - The Theme System

“A stranger put in a quarter for me,” Esguerra recalled in an email interview with Kotaku a few years back. “I got to play the first level of Time Crisis and I’m sure I died in the first area. It was hard for me, but exciting, and I kept playing year after year ever since.”

Though Esguerra initially took a more conventional approach to his gameplay, he began experimenting with his now-signature dual-wielding method “at least 7, 8 years” ago, he explained in a sit-down with Easy Allies.

@ncrrifleman Just playing House of the Dead 2. l was having problems with the lightgun so I just start blasting. #houseofthedead #houseofthedead2 #lightgungames #Sega #arcade #barcade #gamer #holster #lightgun #blindfire ? original sound - Eddie Esguerra

Since uploading his first video on the platform last June, Esguerra’s technique has amassed hundreds of thousands of views and apparent astonishment from fans.

“Can you chill bro my girl has this app,” implored TikTok user @user63569079086 in a comment on one of his most-viewed clips.

“Bro didn't come here to play games,” added @boby.

@ncrrifleman My Interview with @easyallies! The link is on my profile. https://youtu.be/k2LoR73pMRU #timecrisis #timecrisis2 #cosplayer #gaming #california #losangeles #gasmask #arcade #barcade #lightgun #pistol #houseofthedead #houseofthedead2 #sega #holster #game #northhollywood #instagram #juanwick #gamer ? original sound - Eddie Esguerra

Back in 2019, long before his TikTok stardom, Esguerra elaborated on why, exactly, fans were so fascinated with his talents amid one of his viral moments, citing the novelty of his unconventional approach as the reason behind his enduring popularity.

“I think people love watching me play because they’ve never seen anyone dual wield Time Crisis,” He elaborated during his Kotaku interview. “When people come up to me they usually say they never thought Time Crisis could be dual wielded or could not be beaten with one credit per side.”

FBI, we found your latest recruit right here.