Parenting the next generation is a lot of work. With the advent of technology, it’s an even scarier endeavor. One TikTok video with over 6 million views, shows just how far that pendulum can swing.

TikTok user @dungeondagney posted a video of his For You page’s different views on babies' screen time.

@dungeondabney The duality of man. #fypシ #fyp #gaming #gamer #baby #babiesoftiktok #esports ♬ original sound - Keegan Dabney

The video starts with a clip from @heyazky’s TikTok talking about going 6 months without screen time for her one-year-old. The video then goes to @rawfoo giving his followers an update on his gaming baby.

“Since toddler learning capabilities are enormous, she can learn to play three games at once and that’ll put her above everybody else,” narrates the father as his daughter is set up on three different gaming monitors.

@rawfoo Skill issue. #gamingsetup #runescape #battlefront2 #witcher3 #pcgaming #toddler #growupwithme #game ♬ Me Against the World - 2Pac

In the full TikTok, she’s “playing” old-school Runescape, Battlefront 2, and The Witcher 3.

Fabian Elizondo, or @rawfoo has been making periodical sarcastic videos of his daughter learning to be a true gamer.

@rawfoo Wee lil baby set-up. ##babiesoftiktok #setup ♬ worldstar money (interlude) - Joji

He would update on his baby's gaming set-up with her sitting in a floating seat next to his monitors. She slowly graduated to her own Switch and controller. 

@rawfoo She's never touched grass. Lives in the chair. Joji is king. #babysetup #setup #growupwithme #babiesoftiktok ♬ original sound - Fabian Elizondo

Surprisingly, the response to the gaming baby is overwhelmingly positive.

“The most cracked gamer of our time,” says one commenter on the gaming baby's progress.

“My kid works the mines but having a streamer can be profitable too,” comments another user.

Elizondo’s videos are obviously sarcastic and he does monitor his child’s screen time. Obviously, he’s not locking his daughter away until she can beat Dark Souls before bed. But a toddler that’s already a ranked player can come in handy.