Classic games test.

In case you didn't notice, we love gaming here at eBaum's World. Although we talk about new games every day, we often reminisce about the "good ol' days". You know, back when virtually every game was ridiculously hard, DLC didn't yet exist, and graphics were so bad that you needed to use your imagination.

As part of this, we like posting about old games, including on our Facebook page where we play a game called "Can You Name This Game" where we post a screenshot and people try to guess the name of it... hopefully without cheating.

You guys like it so much that we're doing a full blown feature version of it. Consider this the ultimate test to decide if you're a gaming expert. If you can get at least seven of them, then you earn the right to come into our Twitch livestreams and call us noobs.

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Below you will find screenshots of 10 games made before 2003 (15 years ago). Your goal is to look at the screenshots then guess the names of the games. The answers can be found on the bottom.

If you have trouble, try highlighting the area below each set of images to find a hint. Good luck!

Game #1

Hint: This educational game released in 1990 for the PC.

Game #2

Hint: This "fighting" game allowed you to use objects and weapons in the environment to beat your enemy to a pulp.

Game #3

Hint: This Genesis game was built to have the same gameplay as Puyo Puyo Tetris (it was made by the same company).

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Game #4

Hint: This PS1 stealth game was set in feudal Japan.

Game #5

Hint: This action RPG for the NES was about a kingdom built in a massive tree.

Game #6

Hint: This platforming game released for the N64 during its first year.

Game #7

Hint: This PS1 game blended JRPG and fighting game mechanics.

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Game #8

Hint: This was an action RPG that released for the SNES in 1995.

Game #9

Hint: This dinosaur game was for the PS1.

Game #10

Hint: This horror game is considered one of the best.