There are few things more addicting than a challenging video game, and SCKR Games’ new release Only Up! has gamers everywhere grinding away, and rage quitting on the spot.

Only Up! is a platformer with one simple concept; climb up. Unlike other games, there are no levels, just a continuous vertical map. So if you fall… that’s it. You’re continuing from wherever you landed. The challenge is addicting, but utterly rage-inducing for those who just don’t have the patience.

Popular streamers like Kai Cenat, Agent 00, and Adin Ross all struggled to keep their cool while falling down in Only Up!

@clippextra This game too much for kai #kaicenat #kai #kaicenatclips #onlyup #amp #fyp #fyp? ? Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

@clippextra He is losing it #agent00 #agent #amp #kaicenat #onlyup #fyp #fyp? #foryou ? original sound - clippextra

“He looks like he bout to cry,” one viewer commented about Kai Cenat’s clip.

“We’re literally watching him go insane,” bacconbtt joked about Agent 00.

Only Up! looks like a beautiful game, and it already has a booming speed-running community. Watching so many streamers fail just makes trying it even more enticing. Of course, 20 minutes in, and I’d probably be going only down too.