The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was released on the Nintendo Switch this week and people are finding out that there are many creative things they can build with Link’s new abilities. Across the internet, some players are posting pictures of their wild Korok torture devices and strange robot statues that breathe fire from their giant dicks.


By combining planks of wood, Guardian components, and rockets, players everywhere are erecting enormous effigies that are well endowed and equipped with a flamethrower in the right place. 

When Link shoots a fire arrow at the robot’s dick it excitedly fires off a stream of flames. Why would they build something like this? Well, probably just because they can and it’s hilarious.

However, some people don’t find the building mechanic as creative as others, saying that it breaks the immersion of the game and building giant robots with fire-breathing dicks is taking it a bit too far.

This is just one of the many things that players have been creating in the TotK. Some players are using their creative abilities to torture the helpless Koroks, small creatures scattered around Hyrule that give Link quests. Link’s new Ultra Hand allows him to pick up and manipulate the woodland creatures in any way he pleases, which has brought out the worst in some people. Some say it’s a way to experiment with the new ability, but most say it’s cruel and unusual punishment to these helpless little Koroks.

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While people are only just beginning to explore the acceptable limits of creating robots with giant dicks in Hyrule, this game is already a lock for Game of the Year.