If we're going to believe anyone's predictions about the future of humanity, it's definitely a character named Loudward.

The A.I.-generated Spongebob show on Twitch is going viral after Loudward announces the date of the end of the world. “August 12, 2036. Heat death of the universe!” chants A.I. Squidward, over and over again.

When A.I. Spongebob asked why he chanted that, Loudward responds, “Repeating this meaningless phrase over and over again in hopes that it will mean something someday.”

The Twitch show streams 24/7 with random plots being generated constantly. The A.I.-generated script for the show is incredibly random with people on the show’s discord suggesting topics for the show.

No matter how random, Loudward’s prophecy is bone-chilling. And also hilarious.

The clip of the scene has gone viral with many making memes of the date, August 12, 2036.

@potentfrog Blud really said ️ AUGUST 12, 2036 ️ #foryoupage #impressions #squidward #spongebob #spongebobmeme #nickelodeon #funny #viral #august12th #heatdeathoftheuniverse ♬ original sound - Potent Frog

“Gentlemen, synchronize your death watches,” reads one comment on Youtube.

Other A.I. cartoons, like The A.I. Simpsons, have joined in on the August 12th prediction, repeating the phrase.

@mizee_yt August 12th 2036 The heat death of the universe #aispongebob #aisimpsons #fypシ゚viral #theheatdeathoftheuniverse #august12th2036 @RepublicOfCochise ♬ original sound - Midzee

One person made a Twitter account to count down all the days before the “Heat death of the universe.”

People are making the next 13 years count. Heed Loudwards warning and plan accordingly. Why stress out when heat death is nie?

Though Dream, Sir Mix-a-Lot, and Dixie D’Amelio are going to have a terrible birthday.