sony playstation trophies

PlayStation 3, 4, and the upcoming 5 all use trophies to help developers' extend the playtime of their games and give players something else to look forward to while playing.

Players get trophies for things like beating a game on a certain difficulty, obtaining every collectible item, or just reaching specific spots in a game. Each new trophy adds to a player's overall trophy rank, which they can compare with friends online.

So to keep this system interesting, Sony recently announced some important updates to their trophy system.

sony playstation trophies

One of the biggest issues with the old trophy system was that it took far too many trophies to feel like you were leveling up. I have over 3,000 trophies and I'm only at level 18 out of 100. 

The new system is designed to fix this by increasing the maximum level from 100 to 999 and making you feel like you're making real progress.

sony playstation trophies

When the new update is downloaded on your system, PlayStation will automatically correlate your trophy level to the new scale. According to a PlayStation blog post, a player at level 12 would now be in the low 200s. 

The new update will also change the trophy icon to reflect the player’s level, and higher levels will get you more prestigious logos. 

You may also now finally be able to see your progress toward trophies (rather than just blindly playing until they pop up on your screen), but that rumor hasn't been confirmed.

XBox lets players track their trophy progress so it would make sense for Sony to allow for the same.

Sony hasn't given any specific reason for these changes to the trophy system, but they've been a long time coming.

These changes will come with the next PlayStation update, which released on October 7th in North America and October 8th in Europe.