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Arkane’s 2017 game, “Prey” was apparently forced into that title by Bethesda Studios against the wishes of the team that made it. The Arkane director at the time, Raphaël Colantonio, stated in an interview on the AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook podcast that he and his team never wanted to call their game Prey, and felt “gross” being forced to use it.

“Prey,” which is a horror narrative and puzzle shooter taking place on a spaceship, has absolutely no relation to the 2006 similarly titled game involving Native Americans. Colantonio called the decision to title his game “Prey” a marketing mistake, saying his game had nothing to do with “Prey.” His assertion makes sense considering that despite a positive reception, many people felt that the title did not aptly represent the game. Additionally, the game unfortunately did not reach the level of success its critical acclaim might have warranted.

Prey gameplay

Colantonio says he was forced to lie to the media and say he wanted the title, and that “It felt bad to support a message I did not want.” Unsurprisingly Colantonio left Arkane shortly after the release of “Prey.”

Learning this news is unfortunate, both because “Prey” was a great game that undoubtedly deserved more recognition, and because it is disheartening to be reminded yet again that the passionate work of talented people can so easily be corrupted by corporations that don’t care for them at all. 

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