“I was hiding my controller, I swear!”

It’s probably not the most common defense from someone who’s just been walked-in on masturbating, but it may see a new, um, rise in usage after a recent video that took place at Evo 2023.

Evo 2023 bills itself as “The Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament.” As some fighting games require a series of intricate button presses to execute moves, it’s understandable that someone playing such a game would try to disguise their controller to prevent others from seeing their next action.

Still, there’s gotta be a better way to do it than this:

In a clip that’s been making the rounds online, Oh ‘Meo-IL’ Dae-il, a Tekken 7 fighter who’s typically a fun watch during competitions, started attracting attention for a reason he may not have expected. Specifically, the way his hands are moving under the blanket he used to hide his moves is causing a stir.

Why? Well, because it looks like he’s shaking hands with the milkman. Like he’s polishing the banister. Cuffing the carrot. DJing his downstairs. Giving himself a hand. Uh… I’m out of euphemisms. He looks like he’s jacking off.

Twitter users, of course, were quick to joke about the situation.

Meo-IL’s been a good sport about it, later reposting the video to his own Twitter account.

The best part about all this? Dude actually won. So he might not have been beating his meat, but he was definitely beating his competition.