Rank 50 Sea of Thieves Prod1gyX.

It might only been a week since Sea of Thieves launched, yet already someone has hit max rank. Twitch streamer Prod1gyX made it his mission to spend every waking hour grinding away at quests and killing enemies until he could hit level cap, and today he finally reached 

It was no simple journey, that's for sure. The max rank in Sea of Thieves is 50, and it requires dozens upon dozens of hours grinding to achieve. In-fact, the only way it was possible in this time frame (eight days) was with the help of his Twitch audience. Several people would complete quests, then he would join them right at the end to receive the rewards without the time-draining work.

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And on that note, quite a few Sea of Thieves fans aren't so happy about him "cheating", going as far as campaigning against him using the hashtag #NotMyPirateLegend, and calling him a "landlubber". The main point of contention is that he received exclusive rewards for hitting max rank, including the title "Pirate Legend", but did it in a way that 99.9% of players can't pull off. 

This was the moment that Prod1gyX hit rank 50, propelling the community into chaos.

The complaints are so widespread that nearly 30% of posts on the front page of /r/SeaofThieves are about the situation. Below are some comment examples:

Comment from discussion #NotMyPirateLegend.

Comment from discussion #NotMyPirateLegend.

Many players are hoping that Sea of Thieves developer Rare Ltd. will step in and remove some of his rewards, if not ban him, for using exploits to achieve rank 50.

So far Rare Ltd. has been quiet about the situation. Will it do something to appease the community and make a stand against exploiting? Whatever the case, the team is hard at work on new content for the game, which many reviewers noted it desperately needs.