james bond project 007 video game

Rejoice! For we are getting a new James Bond game (sometime in the possibly distant future).

The game comes from IO Interactive, the studio known for their Hitman series, and so far its working title is simply Project 007.

There's no release date for the game and the trailer provides basically no information whatsoever. The only real news to share is that this game will offer an origin story for James Bond and serve as a prequel to other Bond games and movies.

Here's the PR mumbo jumbo cooked up by bigwigs behind the scenes:

“Creating an original Bond game is a monumental undertaking and I truly believe that IO Interactive, working closely with our creative partners at EON and MGM, can deliver something extremely special for our players and communities. Our passionate team is excited to unleash their creativity into the iconic James Bond universe and craft the most ambitious game in the history of our studio.”

Hakan Abrak (CEO of IO Interactive)

“James Bond has a strong legacy in the video game space, with some of the most iconic games of all-time based on the character. Working with our partners at EON and the talented team at IO Interactive, we plan to bring a new take on this legendary franchise to gamers and Bond fans around the world.”

Robert Marick (random MGM executive)

james bond goldeneye 007

The one thing we know for sure is that this game isn't coming out soon because the developer is actively recruiting people to help make the game. They're currently looking for a Lead Game Designer, Gameplay Director, and more.

And of course the important question to ask ourselves is whether this game will live up to the legacy of the Nintendo 64 masterpiece GoldenEye 007.

If you didn't know, there were 13 more James Bond titles released after GoldenEye 007, and they were all horrible. Who asked for a James Bond racing game? No one, but we got it anyway.

Reviews of the most recent title, 007 Legends (2012), only had one nice thing to say about it: that at its best, it felt like a lackluster Call of Duty clone.

We reached out to IO Interactive for a comment on whether Project 007 will include the ability to slap people as Oddjob, and will update this article if they respond.