jarod nandin south park world of warcraft cosplay

Jarod Nandin, the guy who famously dressed up as the annoying World of Warcraft gamer from South Park, has passed away from complications due to COVID-19.

Days before his passing, he posted a photo of himself in the hospital and made a joke about the coronavirus having "no life." That was a callback to a line from the South Park episode his character is based on.

jarod nandin world of warcraft south park cosplay died covid-19 coronavirus facebook post

Jarod was hospitalized last month and on December 22nd shared that he tested positive for COVID-19. On the days leading up to his death, he appeared optimistic and in good spirits, despite his situation.

While some gamers spend hundreds of dollars creating pixel perfect costumes of their favorite characters, Jarod was a legend for recognizing an opportunity that no one else saw and seizing upon it.

Also, his handle was Nwbzpwner ("newbs pwner") and his esports jersey number was 69. For that, he's surely one of the greatest cosplayers to ever do it.

jarod nandin nwbzpwner 69 esports jersey

A guy who liked video games, humor, and not taking himself too seriously. What's not to love?