Red Dead Redemption 2 February 2018 screenshot.

I was really hoping that within the next two months we would be streaming Red Dead Redemption 2 on our Twitch channel. Sadly, that's not in the cards, and it's not our fault.

Rockstar Games just delayed Red Dead Redemption 2, signaling the second time that its first new game for PS4 and Xbox One has had its release date pushed out. While originally headed toward a Fall 2017 release, and later Q1 2018, it's officially hitting store shelves on October 26th, which at this point feels so far away that it's depressing.

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With this, Rockstar is moving outside its usual comfort zone of releasing a game early in the year, instead making sure that all the AAA developers hoping to capitalize on holiday season sales are as uncomfortable as possible.

While this is more difficult to stomach than a can of beans, on the plus side Rockstar Games has released some new screenshots. Unsurprisingly, they look really darn good, and have plenty of horses.

A guy riding a horse.

A guy riding a horse next to a girl riding a horse.

A guy riding a horse with other guys riding horses.

A guy next to a horse.

A guy shooting his guns at other guys who are riding horses.

A guy wishing he was riding his horse.

Now I wish I was riding a horse.