nintendo wii memes

Yesterday was the 19th anniversary of the Nintendo GameCube, the most celebrity-adored Nintendo gaming system of that decade, and today is the 14th anniversary of an even bigger Nintendo monstrosity, the Wii.

The Wii debuted at a confusing time and with even more confusing controls. I tried playing a bowling game on one once and gave up after two minutes, never to touch a Wii again.

But some people really love this weird machine, and today they're celebrating in their own special ways.

The most common Wii memorial is chucking those stupid stick controllers at a TV and seeing which breaks first.

Next up is reminiscing about the time former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata messed up his speech at the Wii launch event so badly the company never let him participate in one ever again.

Some people just remember vibing out to that iconic Wii music.

This man remembers torturing his wife.

And this fella remembers torturing himself.

The Wii, and later Wii U, are truly old machines.

So let's remember the good times had with it, like people getting divorced and losing their homes.

But let's not think about the time that American Pie actor double teamed a Wii on the red carpet, or the time Chris from Family Guy stole a Wii.

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C'mon, guys. Not cool.