resident evil the wesker kids

Netflix announced this morning they're continuing production of their TV adaptation of Resident Evil.

[NOTE: the above image is NOT an official poster for the show, but it probably won't be far off from the eventual truth.]

The project was put on hold this February right before people were starting to wonder whether we were about to be hit with our own real-life version of the t-Virus, but now it's back on in full swing.

oh i thought you were joking about wesker kids until I read the plot summary - resident evil netflix

The series will focus on the two daughters of Albert Wesker as they navigate life during and after the world is devastated by a bunch of pissed-off mutants.

Episodes will bounce back and forth between two timelines.

One shows the daughters, Billie and Jade, as teenagers discovering mysteries of their father's work in the lazily named New Raccoon City.

The second follows them as adults at at a time when humans only make up 0.25% of the "human" population (15 million people versus 6 billion monsters worldwide).

wesker kids? netflix confirmed wesker fucks

I don't like this. I don't trust netflix touching resident evil. They'll change everything we love about our fav characters. Lets start a petition to get this cancelled today.

A show focusing on the Wesker family might have potential, considering how much trouble comes from his experiments as a researcher at Umbrella Corp. and asshattery manipulating the S.T.A.R.S. law enforcement.

new raccoon city wesker kids constantin films yeah this is gonna be as shit as the movie.

resident evil netflix series officially announced, sounds fucking terrible

But putting his previously unknown teenage daughters up front looks like a slippery slope into a vapid teen drama.

Why risk turning this into Twilight when you have so many messed up monsters, guns, and conspiracies to play with instead?

i bet every other pitch netflix gets is like it's stranger things mixed with blank sort of like a cursed mad libs. so congrats to whoever approached and said what if stranger things but also resident evil? can't wait to watch those wacky wesker kids on their bikes.

Anyone who liked the games but hated—or were disappointed by the movies—sees the Netflix adaptation as a wasted opportunity.

While Netflix's version of The Witcher received mixed reviews at best, the outcome for Resident Evil looks dim.

all I can think about now is throughout the entire RE series wesker had kids a family. Wife: where are you going babe? wesker: boss wants me to go sabotage the STARS team. I'll be back before subrise, kiss the kids for me, applebee's tomorrow

The only potential saving grace would be the addition of nude zombies. Rotting flesh is always a nice touch.