You never know who will show up on an Adin Ross stream. While the answer is usually just self-exiled sex pests, there’s always a chance that someone new and exciting will appear on-screen — someone ready to hang out with Ross and likely find a way to get canceled in the process.

While many celebrities have shied away from Ross due to his history of, well, everything, Ross recently claimed that he was about to have not one, but two major gets. The first was singer and confirmed abuser Chris Brown. The second was North Korean (dear) leader Kim Jong Un.

This whole thing apparently came about after Kick co-founder Eddie Craven told Ross he should consider going to North Korea and live-streaming it. “I know it sounds like I’m f---ing around, but I swear to god, go to North Korea and give them a chance to show their world off. I think this could happen. Let’s give it a crack,” Craven stated on the call.

To be clear, all of this is either a joke or just a series of people being tricked by one another.

There are numerous issues with the idea of Kim showing up on an Adin Ross stream. First, I mean, c’mon, just think about it. Second, Kim’s English is passable, but probably not good enough to carry a whole livestream. Third, it would have to be over video chat, meaning that Ross would have to figure out how to use North Korea’s version of Zoom.

To elaborate on the third point, there’s no way on Earth Ross would be able to meet Kim in person. Not only would no government in their right mind approve it, but a U.S. passport isn’t valid in North Korea, meaning you need special approval from the state to travel there. Not to mention, no American official in their right mind would think sending Ross to North Korea as a representative for the ol’ USA is a good idea.

As for the idea of live-streaming North Korea? Yeah, good luck given their notoriously poor internet.

In short, this is likely a troll that got way out of hand. Then again, there’s a chance that Ross really will be bringing Kim onto stream soon, followed closely behind by Chris Brown, Putin, the rapping leader of Turkmenistan, and just for some variety, the reincarnated soul of Hitler.

Can’t wait.