Sea of Thieves game twitch highlight CrReaM.

Sea of Thieves might have faded from mainstream popularity during the past couple weeks, but some gamers have continued to live the pirate life. Those who have stuck around have gotten much better at the game, and are beginning to realize its full potential.

Such was demonstrated in a new highlight by Twitch streamer CrReaM where he can be seen launching himself out of a cannon over 100 feet before perfectly landing on an enemy ship, a feat rarely seen in the game—99% of players who try such gymnastics land in the water and drown to death or get eaten by a shark. CrReaM then runs around the boat among unsuspecting enemy pirates who have no idea that a skilled killer is amongst them.

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Watching them squirm around trying to figure out what's going on makes it worth a watch. Check it out:

Sadly, despite CrReaM and his crew finding a bunch of loot on the enemy ship, they earned very little for their big moment. And ultimately, this is the biggest issue that the Sea of Thieves community has with the game, threatening its shelf life.

Rare Ltd. is planning to reveal its upcoming update roadmap later this week, and hopefully what it has planned will make the game feel much more rewarding to play.