Notable Cars enthusiast and sports commentator Stephen A. Smith was asked a very important question that every young boy in the '90s was asked — who’s your starting Pokemon?

“What is that? Balbasour, Shamander, or the Squirtle,” says Smith as he squints at a photo of the Pokemon tweeted to him from a listener. You’d think since Smith has extensive knowledge of the Cars universe, he would have defined opinions on another childhood classic. At least he doesn’t pronounce Pokemon as Pokemanz as many Boomer parents do.

“You know what I'm gonna say, Shamander that's who I would take,” decides Smith. “[Charmander] reminds me of me because of the forehead.”

Even though he stumbled on nearly all their names, Smith still picks a fan favorite. Hopefully next week he’ll have his Palworld starting five picked out for us to critique. (Though he’d probably still think it’s Pokemon)