sony playstation store

The PlayStation 5 is only a few weeks away, and while Sony is most definitely looking forward, they're also trying to forget the past.

According to a news article, Sony is updating the web and mobile version of the PlayStation Store to change how players can purchase older games. 

Starting later this month, Sony's online store will no longer allow people to buy PlayStation 3 games or add-ons, PlayStation portable games or add-ons, PlayStation Vita games or add-ons, apps, or themes and avatars. The store's wishlist feature is also being discontinued and any items in your wishlist will be removed.

The changes begin on October 19th for people accessing the store on desktop computers/laptops, and on October 28th for the mobile store.

Some players are upset because accessing the online store through their PS3s can be a crapshoot at times.

you'll have to buy them from the device instead. I'm sorry but have you tried to use the ps3'd online store front in 2020? shit is practically unsuable

ps3 users will be forced to make digital purchases on the ps3 store now

However, you will still be able to buy these items through the Sony store on the PS3 or Vita directly. PS4 apps, themes, and avatars will also still be available to download through the store on the PS4 console. 

Items already purchased will remain available from the download list on the user’s PlayStation Network account, and existing PS4 apps, themes, and avatars will remain on the user’s PS4.

damn it's like the people at sony are like what does microsoft do really well and we do a decent job at? let's make that gap bigger by taking away features.

While these changes are pretty minor inconveniences for those still clinging to an outdated console, it's indicative of Sony's confusing stand toward supporting their older models in general.

XBox fans are praising the Series X far-reaching backwards compatibility and support for transferring older save data, and Sony just doesn't seem to be doing as good of a job.