Since last night we've been busy playing the heck out of South Park: The Fractured But Whole. While a full written review will be out later today, we want to share some screenshots to give you an idea of how funny the game is.

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These are in chronological order and only show the first couple hours of the game to avoid major spoilers. Check them out.

1. Loading Screen Tip

The most useful tip in any video game.

2. Toilet Mini-Game

You'll be addicted to crapping in every toilet you can find once you try out this mini-game.

3. Dad's Brownie

If your wife doesn't let you eat snacks, just hide them in your nightstand. Wait, is that even a brownie?

4. Forever Update

Ain't nobody has time for waiting for console updates.

5. The Floor is Lava


6. King Douchebag

He's the toughest around.

7. **&* YOU MOM

As if the words weren't funny enough, the keypad says each word out loud when you tap on a button. I probably spent 5 minutes on this screen.

8. Special Rubix

Needless to say I touched it several times. Cartman wasn't happy.

9. Gma Selfie

Just chillin' with gma. #hot

10. Power Source

Tinder gives me great power.

11. Mom's Room

Yup, that's what you think it is.

12. Taking Care Of A Bully

I saw this bully picking on a kid, so I threw a fart at him and then kicked him in the gonads.

13. Horses For Days

The horse poster got me.

14. Usher Dancer

I beat the hell out of this ding dong shortly after this screenshot.

15. Human Kite

He can fly. Trust me, I threw him.

16. Not Nice

Nobody knows how to get under my skin like Cartman.

17. Hamster Attack

Never underestimate a hamster. This monster one hit KO'd a boss.

18. Unplanned Parenthood

Where the cool kids go.

19. Go Wait On The Highway

Don't worry. I threw a fart at him.

20. Butt Fungus

I bought some just in case.

21. Morgan the Freeman

Apparently Morgan Freeman now works at a taco shop.

22. Marginalized Communities

She's basically invincible.

23. Comin At'cha

After a quick few laps around the planet he kicked a guy three field goal lengths. #rekt