Humans are omnivores. Therefore, we eat animal products and all the meat, muscles, and tissues that entails. We don’t eat human products however, that would be immoral. But what if it came from your own body?

You might think that still sounds gross, and personally, I’m right with you, but 30-year-old Spanish influencer Paula Gonu didn’t see it that way. Instead, she decided that her surgically removed meniscus tendon would make a perfect addition to a nice spaghetti bolognese, and ate it together with her boyfriend at the time.

Appearing on the Club 113 podcast, Gonu told the story much to the dismay of the podcast hosts. Apparently, she also asked to watch the operation on a screen in real-time while under local anesthesia.

After the operation, the doctor presented her with the meniscus in a cup of alcohol and asked her if she wanted to keep it.

“I told him I wanted to eat it because it was part of me and I had to put it back in my body,” she said. “I wanted to be able to say in my head that I’ve eaten a piece of my own meniscus.”

She claims that she kept it for an entire week after the operation, before adding it to a bolognese sauce and convincing her boyfriend to eat it with her. While it is not unheard of for women to eat their placenta after giving birth, a knee is a different story, and it feels like a violation of some sort to eat part of your partner.

I definitely don’t ‘kneed’ to know my pasta sauce ingredients that personally.