If you're not prepared to watch nine hours of UnNameD, playing GTA V the entire way through, because, why would you do that, you're just going to have to take his word for accomplishing something that's never been done before in gaming. Beating GTA V without taking a single hit of damage. 

The full run has been posted on UnNameD's YouTube channel in three installments, for a total of you guessed it, nine hours of straight gameplay. 

This feat, which took UnNameD, 48 failed attempts is sure to impress anyone who has ever picked up a controller. And just to be sure he kept himself honest, UnNameD installed a mod into the game which killed him when he took damage. 

The GTA V community is a powerhouse in the gaming world, having played the same game for nearly a decade, always finding new ways to change and update their experience. 

And if you're seeing this Rockstar, please help your community, they need a new game more than you know. For christ's sake, look at the lengths people have gone to keep your game relevant!